Grape Breeding and Enology

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Welcome to the Grape Breeding and Enology project website!

Located at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, we conduct research in the Department of Horticultural Science and at the Horticultural Research Center.  Our focus is on grapevine cultivar development which includes: wine grapes, table grape varieties, and ornamentals that survive and thrive the cold-climate conditions.  We also focus on understanding the mechanisms of disease and pest resistance so that we incorporate these traits as a way to improve sustainability for Minnesota growers.  In addition to developing grapes, we focus on developing and teaching enology best practices for cold-hardy grapes.

Free Webinar: 2018 Grape Grower Season Re-Cap, Nov. 15

Vineyard in fall

Click here to watch the recording of the webinar from Nov. 15: Grape Grower Season Re-Cap Webinar


Spotted Wing gDrosophila (SWD) Alert for Wine Grapes

Recent rains have caused berry splitting for grape growers around Minnesota, leading to spotted wing Drosophila infestations. Insecticide applications are warranted to prevent damaging affects on wine quality, and must be done at least one day prior to harvest.


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