MDA Winery Inspections

The MDA Food and Feed Safety Division (FFSD) Manufactured and Retail Food Inspection Programs have the authority to license and inspect breweries, distilleries, and wineries.  Farm wineries have previously been excluded from licensing and inspection; however recent statutory analysis determined the need to license these operations.  In some instances the wineries have additional operations such as prepackaged food sales, food service, or other food related activities that have required licensing, however the majority of wineries in Minnesota are unlicensed.  These establishments will be inspected to current regulations, statutes and rules and will be licensed according to primary mode of business.

(Taken from the MDA Project Work Plan: Winery Inspections and Licensing)

To best assist wineries and producers in compliance, we are providing links to some of the critical documents.  In addition the MGGA and UMN have been hosting events centered on the topic with officials from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture: Food and Feed Safety Division.

Fact sheet for Wineries

 Farm Winery Work Plan. An outline of the why/where/when of the entire process.

Facility Guidance worksheet. A checklist of what the inspectors will be looking at and the criteria.

Winery Assessment Form A form the inspectors will be filling out for each of the facilities. 

Link to the MN Dept of Health Food Code

FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's).